Cheese review: Waitrose Saint Vernier

You know how it is with Waitrose. You go in to just buy some blister plasters, you walk out with a French cheese.


I’d not heard of Saint Vernier before but was intrigued by its wooden flower-like container and alluring pong. Already being a fan of other rind washed cheeses (epoisses, Gruyere, taleggio) I figured with this one being washed IN WINE would be pretty up my street.

And it was.

Saint Vernier comes from the Jura region of France and has unique, strong taste. It’s not as strong as our friend epoisses, or even a decent Camembert, rather it’s somewhere in between.

It’s not too overbearing, with a creamy melting texture and firm, fruity rind. The overall flavours are musky, earthy and yeasty.

This cheese would be a fine addition for when you want a soft ripened cheese on your board that gives a little more than Brie.


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