Wild Garlic and Fresh Basil Bruschetta

Wild garlic is back! I LOVE wild garlic. It tastes like spring (and garlic). I got up early yesterday and picked a load from Roundhay park, took it home and rustled up this gorgeous bruschetta. 

There’s not much better than foraging for your own ingredients, and it’s impossible to do without feeling a bit TV cheffy and smug. Wild garlic is everywhere at the moment – you’ll know it by its smell – so go out and get some and you too can feel intense smugness.

It’s best to keep it in the fridge in an airtight container until you need to use it. I’d reckon it only has a shelf life of a couple of days, ideally pick it on the day you want to eat it.

This bruschetta recipe is so simple (as all bruschetta should be!) and relies on the freshness of the ingredients to be the best it can be. Get the ripest plum or cherry tomatoes you can find and roast them for 12-15 minutes in a hot oven (around 200c) with a little olive oil and some salt and pepper. 

Take two slices of the best crusty white bread you can find – I used a mini ciabatta loaf cut lengthways, and then toast lightly just on the cut side. While it’s toasting shred the wild garlic into ribbons and tear the basil roughly. 

Once the bread is golden brown, drizzle with some olive oil and then pile on the tomatoes, the herbs and some crumbled feta. Season with a bit more black pepper and enjoy straight away.

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