The Toastest with the Mostest

Butter, jam, marmite (if you’re that sort). Isn’t toast one of the best things you can make? It’s so versatile, from breakfast to a snack. From a hangover to pre-workout fuel. Toast is a winner.

Fuelled by my love of our crunchy bready friend, I recently did a Twitter poll to find out what the toast topping du jour was.

Butter came out tops, which I was actually surprised at given I’d thrown avocado in there. Granted, it’s not a spread, but it’s damn good. Nobody else agreed (what’s wrong with you people?).

Anyway, the people at Moose Maple Butter were listening (with really big moose ears, I like to think). They challenged me to try their butter, assuring it was all natural and all delicious. How could I refuse.

A week later this bad boy shows up. 

Guys it’s MAPLE SYRUP BUTTER. They get butter, and put maple syrup in it. Oh god, it’s good. It’s definitely not healthy but hey if you’re already slathering your toast in 2 tablespoons of butter then why not go the whole hog (or moose). 

Mmmm. Butter.

Heavily saturated toast. We only had wholemeal in the house. I originally wanted to wait and try it on a crumpet (as advertised – ‘great on crumpets’) but I just couldn’t. 

It’s soooo good. It tastes exactly how you’d expect it would. Buttery. Mapley. Sweet AF. It was excellent on toast but I’ve also been eating it straight out of the tub, because y’know, it’s nice. 

For me, butter definitely wins when it comes to toast toppings, and especially if it’s maple butter! If you haven’t tried this stuff it’s definitely worth a go, especially if you have a sweet tooth. 

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