The Best Reusable Coffee Cups

The government has announced a 25-year plan to reduce plastic today. If, like me, you want to speed up that time frame, a great way to reduce your plastic ‘footprint’ is to swap disposable coffee cups for reusable ones. Pret are pioneering this movement, offering a hefty discount for anyone who brings in a reusable cup.

Why are coffee cups so bad?

Disposable coffee cups are lined with a ‘single use’ plastic known as polyethylene that makes them waterproof. We use so many coffee cups, we can’t recycle them as quickly as we produce and dispose of them and they are clogging up our oceans and a having disastrous effect on marine wildlife.

Make a difference

If you’re big on your hot drinks, a small change you can make is to buy a re-usable plastic coffee cup to carry with you so can 1) still enjoy coffee and 2) look hella cool. Here’s some of my favourite ones on the market:

Alice Scott Hot Stuff Travel Mug, £12.00 (John Lewis)

Alice Scott Hot Stuff Travel Mug

I love this monochrome number and it’s witty message! Plus stripes go with like, every outfit.

KeepCup Brew – Cork Edition, £19.98 (Amazon)

KeepCup Brew Cork Edition


Isn’s this the most sophisticated coffee cup you ever did see? It’s made from tempered glass so super easy to keep clean as an extra bonus. I don’t think I’m grown up enough for this one yet though, but you might be.

Beyonda Kitten Insulation Flask, £14.99 (Amazon)

beyonda kitten flask

Like cats? Like keeping things warm? This is the flask for you! This is my personal fave, also because it keeps drinks COLD as well as warm, so you’re going to get double the use out of it in the summer. Also, cats.

Make Coffee Not War Take Out Cup, £12.99 (Paperchase)

Paperchase Make Coffee Not War

Paperchase have a great range of cups but this was my favourite. For those wanting to broadcast an important message while sipping on their PSL.

William Morris & eCoffee Cup, £12,98 (Amazon)

William Moris Ecoffee

Your favourite textile designer, but on a cup! William Morris have teamed up with eCoffee to design a whole range of William Morris printed cups. For the arty and sophisticated coffee sipper!

Will you be investing in a reusable coffee cup? Which is your favourite?

Disclaimer: This post did once contain affiliate links but then I took them out.

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