Hello, blog reader, this is what I look like (when I’m dressed up):

My real name is Lucy (though I do sometimes answer to Goose), I live in Leeds with my partner Gary and this beautiful fur baby, Nippet.

By day I work agency side in social media, by night I’m in the kitchen, trying out something new. I started out blogging because I love writing, and I love food, so put the two and two together and presto! I come from a long line of foodies, it’s just what I love and how I relax. Cooking is a creative outlet for me and I’ll likely never make the same thing twice. I’m also a big fan of the eating part (aren’t we all).

Outside of cooking I love staying fit and healthy, so you’ll usually find me in the gym, or complaining about aches and injuries from the gym. I also like interiors, and love a good stroll around furniture shops on a Saturday afternoon.

Find me rambling away on Twitter @gooseykitchen or follow me on Instagram @gooseykitchen.


Sometimes I am lucky enough to get paid for posts or receive free things or food to review. I’ll always make this clear in the post.