Eating Greek in Leeds: Souvlaki Review

Leeds city centre is actually rather short on Greek restaurants, so with it being my favourite cuisine I was excited to try this place out.

This is actually the second time I’ve eaten here, the first experience being after it had just opened, and had moussaka which was a bit on the dry side. However they seem to have revised their menu since I last ate here, and this more recent experience was much better with us enjoying succulent kebabs with live Greek music.


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First post!

Getting back into blogging has been something I’ve been meaning to do since, well, I gave up blogging. Unfortunately the blog I abandoned a year ago has been set free into the ether after the domain name got taken by someone else (curse my short-sightedness!) so I’m re-entering the world of words with a new name, new site and new enthusiasm.

Stay tuned for recipes, reviews and probably the occasional rant.

Goose out!

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