Eating around Skiathos – 2018 Edition

You may have read my previous post (also titled ‘Eating Around Skiathos‘) but as this was written a couple of years ago now and we discovered so many yummy new places this time around I thought it was worth an update!

If you haven’t been, you must go visit this beautiful island. Skiathos Town is so pretty with taverna after taverna of authentic Greek cooking, and twinkling cocktail bars as far as the eye can see.

The island is also home to quite a few kitties, some of who are even friendly enough to sit on your lap!

We nicknamed her Maple.

We stayed at La Piscine Art Hotel as we have done in previous years, this is such a wonderful boutique hotel just 10 minutes walk from the main town. It’s also home to one of the top rated restaurants on the Island, Crazy Cow, which was every bit as wonderful as the last time we went, though is a much more expensive and ‘proper’ meal than you’ll find in the local tavernas.

Anyway let’s get into the food…

Taverna Folia

Ok so we eat at this lovely little family run restaurant pretty much every time we go but this was our first time trying their feta saganaki, recommended to us by the waiter over the fried feta. I’m definitely going to do this at home, from what I could tell it’s simply feta melted in the oven with some onions and peppers, olive oil and lots of oregano.

We were a bit disappointed with the mains as they seemed to have changed the way they do their kleftiko, it came wrapped in vine leaves and had had a very heavy hand with the lemon. It was still nice though and extra points for the street kitties that came out from every shadow as we started to eat.


Now rebranded as Lola on the outside this Italian is one of the top rated on the island. We enjoyed wonderful friendly service (kisses and hugs when we left!) and the best Carbonara ever! Just up the street from here was a tiny puppy playing. One of our best meals during the time we were here!


We hadn’t eaten here before and on the Tuesday night were confronted by a huge thunderstorm which was causing really heavy random rainfalls every couple of hours. We had a reservation at The Windmill which was closed, so had to go out on a limb. We’d seen this place with queues the night previous and thought we’d try our chances as we guessed not many others would be risking the rain. We were right! We got a cosy table inside, although we had to dash through heavy rain and streets awash with 3 or so inches of water to get there.

We both went for the special which was this wonderful oven cooked lamb shank with wine and lemon and came (surprisingly, for Greece) on a bed of garlic mash with gravy. On a rainy night it was just what we needed!

To Polouki

Again a new one on us, this was just down from 1901 in some of the nestling little side streets. We had the best tztatsiki and hummus starters, both deliciously garlicky.

This was followed by swordfish for Gary and then the hottest moussaka I’ve ever eaten, it was a real struggle!

Overall though this was a delicious meal and extremely cheap. Would highly recommend this one if you’re trying to get into 1901 and it’s too busy! They also had a lovely resident cat and free limoncello at the end.

We did eat at some other places but those were the main highlights I’d say. We’re back home now sadly but determined to visit Skiathos again (again), do let me know if you’re visiting and need any recommendations!

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The Best Restaurants in Ciutadella, Menorca

It’s holiday post time! Yes, ok, I’ve been back for two weeks, but these things take time. So, we recently holidayed (is that a verb?) in the beautiful city of Ciutadella, in Menorca. Menorca is next to Majorca in the Balearic Islands, and we found it to be quite similar in terms of vibe and touristy-ness. We had originally booked Cala’n Bosch not realising that it’s VERY touristy and built up, not really the authentic experience we like on holiday. So we ended up rebooking to Ciutadella which looked much more Spanish.

We weren’t disappointed. Ciutadella is a beautiful place, with authentic tapas restaurants spilling out onto ambling paved streets, a lively harbour with marketplaces and music, and gelato shops on every corner. The only downside to our visit was that everyone else thinks it’s a beautiful place too! In peak season, the city gets very busy. We visited in the last week of August and found ourselves on the first few nights queueing for the popular restaurants, or having to settle for places we maybe wouldn’t have chosen. So some tips if you are thinking of visiting – try to go outside of the school holidays, get to the top rated TripAdvisor places early, or try to make reservations for the following night if you see somewhere nice.

Here’s a quick run down of some of the places we tried, most were rated well on TripAdvisor…


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A taste of Greece: Eating around Skiathos

Yes, I went to Skiathos like almost a month ago. Yes, it’s taken me a month to write this (I’ve been busy, ok??!). So Skiathos is one of the most beautiful places I’ve holidayed (is that even a verb?). If you’re looking for something fairly inexpensive, authentically Greek and NOT full of stag and hen dos, Skiathos is a great choice.

Stay as close to Skiathos Town as you can. The island itself is only 20 miles or so big, so you’re never very far away from anything – but it would be tricky to get into the town at night when the island bus stops running. Skiathos Town itself is a treasure trove of lively little bars and shops spilling out onto streets, and tiny cobbled passages and back ways to explore. Like any Mediterranean city, it wakes up at dusk, offering amazing food, cocktails and gelato until late.

I’m not going to go through every dish we ate but I had some personal highlights below – excuse the photography quality, most of these meals were a bit dimly lit!


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