Chicken Breast Stuffed with Brie

I find the traditional Philly stuffed chicken to be a bit bland, and often comes out a bit dry. Brie makes a great substitute and keeps the meat really moist.


(Use one chicken breast per person)

1 chicken breast
Portion of brie
2 slices of prosciutto
2 teaspoon thyme
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Prepare your chicken breast by butterflying it (cut straight through it horizontally, so you can open it like a book). Cover in cling film and then hit it with a pan or similar heavy object until it’s about half an inch thick.

2. Add your slices of brie (rind on is fine) and the thyme. Season as you wish, I find you just need black pepper at this stage as the prosciutto we’ll wrap it in is very salty.


3. Close the chicken ‘book’ and then tightly roll in the prosciutto. Brown slightly in a little bit of hot butter before putting in the oven at 200c for around 30 minutes. Cooking times vary on the size of the breast and your oven so do make sure it’s not drying out. The meat is cooked when the juices run clear.


Serve with sweet potato wedges, steamed broccoli and enjoy!

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