Spring Onion and Stilton Blue Cheese Dip

It’s party season – and that means dips. Lots of dips. This blue cheese one is really tasty and easy, and looks like you’ve put loads of effort in if you’re having a party. Zing!

Ingredients – makes one bowl

150g block of Stilton or good blue cheese (yes, you need lots!)

2 tablespoons grated parmesan

100ml sour cream

100ml creme fraiche

1 tbsp mayonnaise

Black pepper


3 small spring onions


1. Crumble the blue cheese and mix in with the parmesan, sour cream, creme fraiche and mayonnaise a little at each time. Adjust the amount of creme fraiche depending on how much dip you need and how cheesy you want it to be, I like mine more cheesy than creamy.

2. Finely chop spring onions and mix throughout the dip, reserving some for the garnish.

3. Cover and place in the fridge until it is time to eat – goes great with celery, chicken wings, tortillas, anything else you can think of dipping!

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