Franco Manca, Chiswick – Pizza Review

I’ve been a bad blogger lately, I’ve hardly been posting! Work has been so busy, coupled with a busy few weekends socialising I’ve hardly found the time to write up any posts – thought I have been taking lots of pictures!

Last month me and my friends went down to London to see Beyonce at Wembley Arena. Needless to say, Queen B pulled it out of the bag, it was an amazing evening. Before we started our long journey into busy Wembley, we stopped for lunch at this pizza chain in Chiswick. My friend had sold it into us as being “the best pizza in London” so we had to give it a try. I then had to write up a quick review because these sourdough pizzas were so good!

 image1 (9)

To begin with we shared the bruschetta, which came a lovely chunks of tooasted bread, drizzled in what tasted like a lovely basil infused oil, with plump, tasty cherry tomatoes on top. Simple, Italian and really delicious.

image2 (7)

For my pizza I went for their tomato, cured organic chorizo and mozzarella, but because I’m an artichoke fiend I ordered some of these on top as well. My my, it was good. The dough is made from a “slow-rising sourdough” which they cook in a specialist wood-burning oven from Naples – apparently reaching 500C this seals in the tasty flavour of the dough and made the crust *unbelievable*. I’m not a big crust person, but it was really tasty. The chorizo was great too, nicely spiced and not overly oily. The dough was really the star of the show.

The menu was also really reasonably priced – you can’t really complain at just under £7 for a pizza, and the service was swift and friendly. I think Franco Manca are only a London chain for now, but if you’re in the big smoke I’d definitely recommend popping in.

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