A (Kind of Scary) Fitness Update

Deep breaths… this is a nerve wracking post! Soooo if you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that since October last year I’ve been hitting the gym HARD with the help of my PT Jess, and I have a really great update to give. It’s exciting news, but it comes with a before-and-after pictures which are a bit scary to put online but I think they do the story justice.

As I wrote back in February, I took a body composition test this time last year, which told me I was low on muscle and that my body fat percentage wasn’t great. That test made me cry. I mean, it was done by a gym who wanted to make you feel bad so you would join their gym (for like £100 a month) so that was probably their aim to begin with regardless of the result but anyway.

I’ve been training with Jess once a week for the last 9-10 months or so, she’s taken me from barely being able to lift a 10kg barbell to deadlifting 30kg, squatting 25kg and making me generally look like I know what I’m doing in the gym. I’ve then visited 2-3 times during the week by myself so on average I’m in the gym between three and four times a week. It’s not taking up too much of my time and I know that other people go much, much harder, but it’s enough for me to commit to and still y’know, have a social life.

Anyway let’s cut to the chase. I did a SECOND body composition test this week, and cried again at the results. But this time from good news! On the left is the results from my first test, on the right is the second test about a year later.

In a year, I’ve DOUBLED my muscle mass, lost 10% of my body fat and somewhere lost 2kg of body weight. I couldn’t be happier with this result, it’s so motivating and means so much to me. EXERCISE WORKS, people. And it makes you feel good too. I’m fully addicted to the gym now, something I didn’t think 1-year-ago Lucy would ever say.

It’s never been about appearance for me because I’ve always been pretty slim, but I think the pictures below show comparing this year’s holiday to last show where I’ve toned up. You can’t really see from these pictures, but my shoulders and upper arms are definitely bigger.


So that’s that! A big achievement for me. I can’t really believe I’m sharing bikini pictures on my blog but hey, we only live once. There’ll be a full round up of my Menorcan holiday eating soon.

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