iPhone X – Is It Worth It? A Food Blogger’s Review

So I ended up getting an iPhone X by accident. When I say accident, I meant to call up EE to go onto pay as you go as my contract finished. What happened was, when they answered the phone, grown up decision making went out of the window and I straight up just asked for a good deal on the iPhone X. So here I am, typing out my first blog post on my brand new phone.

The unboxing experience is as pleasant as any other Apple product, with everything neatly presented in the iconic box. Set up wise, as soon as I turned it on, it detected my old 6s next to it and used it to set up itself with me only confirming a couple of things. We are truly living in the future.

I’ve had it for a week now and I thought I’d do a quick review for bloggers thinking about upgrading. For me, the main pull is that it’s meant that I’m no longer considering a DSLR because this bad boy takes a mean picture. The 12 megapixel camera is the same as the iPhone 8, if you’re wondering, but has the new TrueDepth feature which auto focuses your picture. Let me show you this taco.

I’ve never been able to take a good picture of a taco. But with this phone, I can. That’s a veggie bean taco by the way with home made guac, natural yoghurt, cheese, spring onions and BBQ sauce.
Here’s another one of a mince pie:

The selfie camera, if you’re into that, is just as good with 7 megapixels and HD video. A word of warning though, all those pixels mean those accidental chin selfies look a hell of a lot less flattering.

The facial cognition unlock is incredibly useful, with the option to only display notification details on the screen if it recognises your face. This means no more embarrassing messages flashing up on your lock screen, or needing to turn your phone over.

The no home button and subsequent user experience isn’t that difficult to adapt to at all. I had to google a couple of things like how to do a screenshot (hold volume and power button) and how to close apps (long hold and swipe) but otherwise it’s really simple to get used to.
If you’re on the fence about the iPhone X because of the cost vs the iPhone 8, I’d really recommend trying to get your provider down on the price. Most providers will give you bespoke plans to keep you with them so it’s definitely worth just trying and seeing what they can do for you. This is a gorgeous phone for anyone but even better for bloggers, or other shutterbugs!


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