Best Eats of 2017

In the year that was, in many respects, ‘pretty bad’ it was actually a good 12 months for eating and cooking. Now that the Christmas festivities are dying down and we’re in that awkward in between bit, I’ve had some time to reflect of the best eats of the year. In no particular order…

Pizza at Santa Clara, Ciutadella, Menorca

Undoubtably the best pizza I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve eaten a fair few) in a wonderful ramshackle, romantic old restaurant. Holiday eating at its finest.

Pulled beef brisket

The first main thing I made in my Pressure King Pro. This was beautiful meat, absolutely falling apart and SO delicious served in its juices on top of a bed of creamy buttery mash. Perfection.

Jinos Thai Cafe, Headingley

The pork fried rice we had here was so incredibly savoury and packed bwith flavours you could never even hope to achieve at home. A fantastic lunch that’s left me dreaming about this dish ever since.

Cauliflower and Sweet Potato fritters

I was so incredibly proud of the way these turned out! I’d never made anything fritter-y before and these were a delight to make and to eat. Also, fantastic cold the next day. Make them!

The Witchery, Edinburgh

The most romantic restaurant I’ve ever been to, and also one of the darkest. I have appalling pictures of the food in this place but trust me it was delicious (though pricey). A must-do dining experience in one of my favourite cities.

Breakfast at Chapter, Cardiff

Everytime I visit my sister I insist on visiting this wonderful arts space next door for breakfast. Chapter breakfasts are unrivalled, still one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever eaten. I love that the beans come in their own pot and the hash browns are excellent.

Beef Enchillada, Pinche Pinche

This restaurant is such an amazing find. Their Mexican tapas is crazy good, but so are their Beef Enchilladas. Covered in cheese and spicy sauce, they’re so satisfying and delicious. Plus their fries con queso are out of this world!

What did you enjoy eating this year?

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