Slow Cooker Classic Beef Bourguignon

I love a beef bourguignon. Have you ever seen the film Julie & Julia? The main character makes a beef bourguignon in that that literally cooks for 24 hours. It’s a bit overkill, but I do believe in giving this dish as long as you possibly have to cook, and using lots and lots of good French wine.

It tastes like luxury but isn’t expensive at all to make. Meat-wise you can use any old cheap stewing steak, as it cooks so long that it will be really tender by the time you’re finished. Don’t invest too hard in the wine as well, just buy the best you can afford. It’s not really a veggie friendly dish, but if you wanted to have a go then you could take out the meat completely and step up with the mushrooms.

Slow Cooker Classic Beef Bourguignon

Serves 3-4

  • 500g stewing steak
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 200g chestnut mushrooms
  • 100g button mushrooms
  • 300g shallots
  • 270ml Claret or French red wine
  • Plain flour
  • 50g smoked bacon lardons
  • Beef stock melt
  • 300ml water
  • Bay leaf
  • Splash Henderson’s Relish
  • 5 cloves garlic
  • Olive oil, for frying

Take the stewing steak and place in a bowl. Cover with half the wine and pop in the fridge for at least two hours. While you’re waiting, chop and peel the carrots into 1 inch rounds and slice the chestnut mushrooms finely. Leave the button mushrooms whole but wipe over to remove any dirt or debris. Peel and mince the garlic and peel the shallots, leaving them whole.

Once you’re ready to cook, take the beef out of the fridge and remove from the wine. Coat each piece with flour, shaking off the excess. In a heavy bottomed, heat proof pan, or your slow cooker, on a medium heat add the bacon lardons and fry until cooked. Set to one side and then in the same pan sear the meat all over in a little oil so it’s brown all over. Next, set that to one side and then cook the mushrooms in the oil until cooked through.

Add the bacon and meat back into the pan and then add the carrots, shallots and garlic and saute gently for another few minutes. Next add all of the wine including the wine used for the marinade, and then the water and the beef stock. Stir well to combine before adding the bay leaf and Henderson’s relish and then season to taste.

Reduce the heat on your slow cooker to ‘slow’ and cook for 5-6 hours, or pop in an oven set to 150c for 4-5 hours, checking after 4 hours to see if the beef is tender.

Delicious with crusty bread, or with mustard mash and greens and a glass of the cooking wine.

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